Delivery Service
Our delivery charge includes door to door service only (within 30’ of the drop off location). If additional cartage is needed added fees will apply. No, we do not require a signature for drop off. Delivery times are approximate although we do our best to accommodate you as much as possible! 
We require a 50% deposit on all rentals. Payment in full is required 7 days prior to the event. A valid credit card and postal code must be provided for all rentals. The renter is responsible for all missing or damaged items as well as any extra cleaning charges which will be added to the client’s credit card. 
Cancellations are permitted up until 30 days prior to the rental date with a full refund of all deposits made. Cancellations made less than 30 days but more than 14 days, are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations made less than 14 days are subject to 100% of event fees charged.
The renter holds the responsibility to carry insurance for all items rented as Victoria Party Rentals insurance does not cover items out of their possession. All rentals must be returned in the same containers they were rented in and extra charges will apply for any containers missing or damaged. All missing or damaged rental items will be billed at replacement cost. 
Contract Conditions
Signature on this page constitites acknowledgment of acceptance from Victoria Party Rentals Inc. the equipment and/or merchandise described and identified in this contract of this date. The said equipment and/or merchandise will be used for the sole purpose for which it was manufactured and intended. Possesion of the property by the lessee for a further period of time than agreed upon will be subject to overtime charges. Further use of said equipment and/or merchandise will be discontinued immediately the same is found to be unsafe or in a state of disrepair and Victoria Party Rentals Inc. will be notified immediatly of the said facts and, in consideration of the mutual covenants, agrees that it will, with reasonable dispatch after receiving this notice, replace such equipment with other equipment in good working order. The above equipment being received for rental purposed, only, it is agreed that Victoria Party Rentals Inc. shall not be held responsible for any accident or damage resulting directly or indirectly from said rental equipment. Immediately upon termination of this agreement, the lessee will return the rented merchandise and/or equipment including all attachments and/or parts belonging thereto, to the office of Victoria Party Rentals Inc.in the same condition as it was received; ordinary wear and depreciation expected, and agrees to pay for all other damage to said equipment. All charges for rental will be paid in advance except overtime,and upon receipt of statement for same, all collection fees, legal expenses, court costs, or any other expenses involved in the correction of rental charges will be paid by lessee. All rentals must be returned clean. All rentals must be returned by noon the following day with the exception of Sunday. 
Modifying Your Pre-Existing Order
We try to make it simple for you: you can call us 250-383-5431 or email info@victoriapartyrentals.ca or...
Submitting a Change Request (Customer):
1. Once logged in to My Events, click Manage Your Orders. 
2. Navigate to the Order where a Change Request is needed. Click on it from the list of Orders associated with the account.
3. With the order opened on the new page, click Request Change to Order.
4. Add or remove products from the order, adjust quantities, and/or change date and time selections.
5. After making changes, click Request Edits. The requested changes will then appear toward the top of that specific Order's page awaiting a business response. 
Do the coffee urns need paper filters?
No. The coffee urns have built in filters. Regular grind coffee is recommended. 
Do I need to return my items clean?
No, that's why you rented from us! We ask that you please scrape/rinse any food from the items. Othewise, just put items back in the crates provided and return. Linens do not need to be laundered, any tough stains that we can not successfully remove, may result in replacement fees to the client. 
My event is on Saturday/Sunday and you're closed on weekends.
Yes, we are closed Saturdays and Sundays. Customers are asked to pick up their weekend rentals on Fridays, between 9am - 3pm. Returning on Mondays between 9am - 3pm. Just the 'one day' price applies. 
I want to book but I'm not sure of final numbers.
We expect you to make changes to the reservation you have made for your upcoming wedding. Booking early and reserving your items early is key to getting what you want. We always recommend you book based on the number of invitations you've sent out. Your deposit to confirm your items will be based on your max number booked. We're certain you'll need to make changes, that's ok. Final numbers should be to us about 14 days prior to your event date.